Postnatal yoga

Postnatal yoga uses movement , balance and relaxation to recover from pregnancy and birth
it help to heal the body and mind and repair all the tissues back to former
Developing strength in abdominal and back muscles
Reduces postpartum back pain
Rebuild flexibility and tones muscles
Postnatal Yoga is designed to help you keep in shape during and after pregnancy nd includes gentle twists which help shink tge uterus
Postnatal yoga concentrates on strengthening the abdominal muscles which were over stretched during pregnancy

You can start a postnatal yoga class after your 6 - 8 weeks check up .
Practising postnatal yoga supports and facilitates the healing and recovery of the body and mind by using gentle movement , balancing asanas , breathing and relaxation.
Eases stress and restores hormonal balance.
Rebuild flexibility , strength and muscle tone.
Toning the deep abdominal muscles to ' close the body' after birth.
Re alingnment of the spine.
Movement that promotes stamina and strength helps reduce anxiety and depression.
Restores the body towards full core strength.
Improves blood flow strengthens pelvic floor muscles.
Nurturing yourself confidence in handling baby.